Because it's a special day

Tuesday, January 05 2010 by Ben

Kiddies.  It's a special day.   Today, EA announced that NBA Jam would be back. 

OOOhhh.. I spent many a day playing this on my Sega Genesis - the Detroit Pistons were the best.  Bill Laimbeer and Isiah Thomas had some mad defensive stats and could shoot threes.  I was unstoppable.  In other news, I am also a loser.

In honor of that, let's look at a power ranking the three-man teams that would make up the ACC - remember you could change out your team at halftime. (Starters in bold)

  1. GT - Gani Lawal, Derrick Favors, Mfon Udofia
  2. FSU - Solomon Alabi, Devidas Dulkys, Chris Singleton
  3. UNC - Ed Davis, Deon Thompson, Marcus Ginyard
  4. Duke - Jon Scheyer, Kyle Singler, Nolan Smith
  5. WF - Al-Farouq Aminu, Ish Smith, LD Williams
  6. VT - Malcolm Delany, Jeff Allen, Dorenzo Hudson
  7. UVA - Sylven Landesberg, Mike Scott, Sammy Zeglinski
  8. Miami - Dwayne Collins, James Drews, Malcolm Grant
  9. NCSU -  Tracy Smith, Javier Gonzalez, Dennis Horner
  10. Maryland - Grevis Vasquez, Landon Millbourne, Sean Mosley
  11. Clemson - Trevor Booker, Demontiez Stitt, Tanner Smith
  12. BC - Joe Trapani, Corey Raji, Reggie Jackson


I kind of feel like a one-two punch of Lawal and Favors would be sick.  Think of all the dunks! BOOOMSHAKALAKA! 

FSU snuck up on me.  Alabi would be great down low and would make up for Dulkys shortcomings on D.  However, he'd be fantastic from three.

I'm a little bit lost as to where to seat UNC.  On one hand, Davis and Thompson would be great, but they wouldn't be as good as Lawal and Favors.  Would they be better than Scheyer and Singler - who might be this game's Pistons... I don't know.

I have UVa seated 7th.  Landesberg would great on the drive and Scott would be fantastic on dunking ability, but... They'd have nothing from three.  Hence their ranking lower than VT.

What are your thoughts? Let me have it in the comments.

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A.J. wrote on Tuesday, January 05 2010

He's heating up ...

I can't really complain about your teams or rankings, but I will say I would definitely play ACC Jam.